So you need to take better care of yourself whether it's losing weight, reducing blood pressure, eating healthier, improving cholesterol, or increasing your quality of sleep, or maybe you don't know where to start on your journey to improved wellness....we are here to help you.


Start with a free wellness evaluation today or see our packages below.


New Patient Wellness Evaluations are FREE

Wellness Evaluations include an extensive health screening with focused physical assessment based on your personal needs.  You will be screened for appropriate programs and wellness recommendations will be given by the provider.

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Customized Weight loss Programs

  • Nutritional and Wellness assessment
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans
  • Weekly follow ups in clinic or by telephone (initial visit must be completed onsite or provide recent physical assessment documentation from qualified provider)

Lose weight, satisfy your appetite, and increase energy levels. We customize your weight loss program to what will work for you.


Body detoxification Program

  • Nutritional and Wellness assessment
  • Detoxification supplements (Blender cup, dietary supplement shake, colon cleanse supplement, liver cleanse supplement, and probiotic)
  • Detox nutrition plan
  • Can be completed in clinic or by telephone for your convenience

Improve energy, sleep, body fat, bloating, focus, memory, and skin appearance. Detoxification helps rid us of toxic chemicals we encounter from our diet, environment, and medications.  This focuses on reducing inflammation in the body especially the gut, liver, and kidneys.


Lipotropic (Fat Burning) Injections

Lipotropic injections are given at our clinic alone or as an adjunct to other programs. They can help promote lean body mass by reducing body fat and improving weight loss. Additional benefits are improvement of energy levels, liver detoxification, absorption of essential nutrients, and enhancement of metabolism.  Injections are recommended weekly for optimal results.



Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Nutritional and Wellness assessment
  • Personalized nutritional plan
  • Can be completed in clinic or by telephone for your convenience



Functional Medicine Appointment

Functional Medicine corrects the root cause for health concerns and returning the body and it's organs to their optimal state of functioning.


Blood work and supplements that may be recommended are not included in appointment pricing.


Hormone Evaluation

Hormone evaluations are especially useful for symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, sleep disturbances, irregular cycles (for women), decreased urinary flow or increased urinary urge (for men), mood swings, irritability, headaches, thinning hair, depression, foggy thinking, and lack of sex drive.  Supplementation support and/or Bio-identical hormone therapy can correct imbalances that cause these symptoms.


*Supplements that may be recommended are not included in appointment pricing.


Fatigue and Adrenal Stress Evaluation

Overwhelming Fatigue, aches/pains, sleep disturbances, irritability, weight gain (especially in the waist area), anxiety, allergies, bone loss, sugar/food cravings, poor concentration, low sex drive, sensitivity to chemicals, and chronic health problems are often symptoms of adrenal stress (or HPA dysfunction). Our functional medicine approach will determine the cause and restore your health.


*Supplements that may be recommended are not included in appointment pricing.

Quick Care Appointments Available

Camp or Sports Physical

Smoking Cessation - Quit Smoking Plan

Sore throat
Ear Pain
Nausea, vomiting & diarrhea
Sinus infections & congestion
Upper Respiratory Infections
Bladder infection
Flu like symptoms
Allergy Symptoms
Bronchitis Coughs
Bug bites
Skin conditions
Skin rash/irritation
Ear wax removal